New portrait start

This is the start of a portrait of Gene Watchful Hawk, a fellow who modeled for us at Coppini yesterday. We only got two hours with him, but I took some photos and hope to do justice to his beautiful spirit with the completion of the painting.

What was I thinking when I said I wanted to finish the novel this month? Cancel that. Put a nice black line through that item on my list, as it's not a-happenin'. I'm going to just try to get through this month sane and smiling. Quite enough of a challenge if you ask me.

Our Texas Ambassador of the Portrait Society of America sent out an email today with a link to my ebay auctions. For the first time in months I had no paintings listed! So I raced around and listed the one of Harry in Red. Whew! Of course, the auction now ends in the middle of the day, so who knows? It's not a great time for an auction to end. Folks are at work, usually. I'll add on a little landscape or two later tonight.

Wednesday I drove down to Corpus Christi to visit with an excellent painter, Kimberley Dow. She was extraordinarily generous with her time and helpful energy. I wonder at the fact that I stayed so solitary in my artistic efforts for so many years. I've gained so much by being in contact with other artists these last three years, and I hope I've offered as much support as I've received.

If you read this, please take a moment to leave a comment. It's disheartening to write these blog entries and not know if anyone cares that I did.

Enjoy your holiday preparations!
Only now beginning to catch the spirit,


Sharon said...

Looks like another wonderful portrait in the works! Glad the holiday spirit is getting under way. I'm still working on it.

Anonymous said...

We care! We care! I love reading your blog Susan.

Brendy said...

Uh... I'm new to the blogisphere, can you tell? That last comment was from Brendy :D

Elisabeth Cottier-Fábián said...

Dear Susan,
I love the landscape you posted on December 3rd. I hope you can finish it soon, so we may try to get it...
Just one thing: please, don't take out the barn! I find it a good focal point, and it lends that 'little plus' to an otherwise blander landscape (lovely, as I said, but- even better with that lttle human presence of the reddish barn).
Congratulations, Susan- you're making fantastic headway. Watching you as you move along is VERY satisfying. You're getting better and better- and it's not as if you'd started from scratch, so THAT's saying something!
Warm regards from somebody across the ocean- who loves your work.
Elisabeth C.