Home from Phoenix

So great to spend time with my folks these last few days. On the flight home I got lots of thinking done about the next few paintings and organizing my thoughts about the deadlines and competitions ahead. Even snapped a couple of photos of travelers waiting in the terminal, thinking there may be paintings there, too. I see that I need to cut back on anything that isn't painting for the next couple of months. A simple, sweet Christmas, a YaYa party, and a Goddess Salon brunch. All else will be art-related for the next few weeks. I'll post images as I go. eBay may not get many new works from me for a while, but I'll try to keep it going in a minimal way. Two auctions ended while I was gone yesterday. Shipping them out on Monday.
Time to settle in with flannel jammies and a glass of wine.
Good to be home.

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Elisabeth Cottier-Fábián said...

I didn't know Morgan was already 24! (and 'Happy Birthday' indeed to you, Morgan...- though I don't know you yet).
My sons's ages: Bálint's nearly 10; András is 8 and a half; and Béla's 5. And I'm... 49. So I'd better keep in shape! My football's getting less of a shame, but now THEY're starting to show no interest (of course, they prefer reading- yet swimming as well, thank God).
Dear Susan: I wish you a VERY PRODUCTIVE YEAR. Not just on eBay, obviously- no; in your art work, wherever that may take place, in whatever you do: pastel, oil... drawing people, landscapes, flowers- whatever. May we feel that same pleasure, whenever we look at something you've just done; for it brings beauty.
I'll be writing a short message again soon- this is just to send affection, in time for the New Year-
Elisabeth (trying hard to finish a linguistic article, which somehow SLUGS along like anything).