Painting at Coppini

As you can see, I didn't have time to get the hand painted, but I took photos and will try to finish up here at home. And, I do see that I've painted the light side of his neck too high in value, so much may need to be adjusted and tweaked as I go. Thought I'd show you all what I have so far. Harry was a great model today. Very relaxed, it seemed. If you're seeing this, Harry, THANK YOU!


Becky said...

He's so gorgeous! I just love the expression on his face and the pose. I bet he's getting a kick out of all the attention! I hope so. He deserves it. Looking goooooood, Sooz.

Susan Carlin said...

Hey Becky, I decided to try replying on my own blog. Scandalous!
Harry is indeed a beautiful man. That goes for his outsides, too.
Thanks for the good comments. Not sure I can get back to this painting until Sunday. Other artsy things to obsess over until then.
Also, still trying to finish my novel. Got 1600+ words done last night. It was a late night. zzzzzzz