Pastel self-portrait

Ok, I'm sleepy. Did this on between midnight and three am last night. Taking it out to the Self-Ish Show at Ingram in a few minutes. I just called and it's not a show with awards! Oh well, it got me playing in the pastels again. The reception for it is on the 14th, in case anyone wants to go out with me to see all the self portraits of artists. Patty came over at 10 pm last night and we took lots of photos, trying to come up with references for a portrait. There are a couple other photos which have potential, too.


Linda Calvert Jacobson said...

Susan...I love this! You look you've got a secret. Good luck at the show. Hopefully some great contacts will make up for the lack of awards.

Sharon said...

Susan, good job with the self portrait! sorry things did not work out for coffee or lunch while you were up here. I was stuck on the hill out of Hunt trying to find a mechanic with no luck. Should be back in SA in a week with all back to work and school leaving me with some free time.

terry said...

Love any picture of you, stunning as always

terry h