Day Twenty-Nine - Trio of Pears

Trio Of Pears
10x10 oil on stretched canvas
Virginia thinks these pears have had a big night on the town and are now leaning on each other for support.  I like that! 
What is it about seeing your painting tiny on a screen that lets you finally see all that's wrong with it???   I see, of course, that I'll need to fiddle with the ellipse of the tray rim before I let it loose.  Otherwise, I think it can go out into the world and be a painting. Not an underpainting, not a good start, not a junior painting, but a grown up, graduate painting, with a mortarboard and tassel and everything. Ok, maybe, but only when I fix the ellipse. Maybe.

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Pam Nelson said...

This is beautiful, and the eclipse issue doesn't bother me at all. Nice color, and love the reflections.