Day Nine - John


It hurts me to post this of John.  He's a classy, handsome fellow and I've only had time to do a first pass, so it's pretty crude. Basic shapes are there, but all the necessary subtleties are missing as yet. This one is 11x14 on RayMar panel in oil. Probably way too large and complicated to try to do in one evening. Ok, not probably. For sure. But By Golly I'm going to post this toddler of a painting and hope it gets the chance to grow up someday.
John is a literary agent in Dublin, Ireland. His love is Janetta, a lovely artist and friend I've known since I took a workshop in Ireland in 2009. The reference photo was taken during a dinner they hosted for our other host and friend there, Jan, her husband Colm, and UK and me in September.  They are all wonderful people. But, truthfully, if anyone speaks to me in an Irish accent I go all mushy and starry eyed and hope they won't ever run out of things to say. If you want to convince me of anything, say it in an Irish accent.


SharonWrightArtist said...

Oh, me too, Susan, the Irish accent thing! But this painting is splendid and probably not too far from a finish.

Jo Castillo said...

I’m loving your series and quick paintings. Keep going with applause from Bastrop!!