Day Fourteen - Sue Bown

Sue Bown
20x16 oil on canvas
First of all, if I haven't completely portrayed Sue as the most charming, artistic, beautiful sprite of a woman, then I've fallen short.  And of course I've fallen far short. The reference photos were taken across the dinner table at Paesano's on the Riverwalk last April as we waited for our meals to be served. The table was encircled by all the artists attending my workshop in April last year. We'd had a horse-drawn carriage ride to the Riverwalk and were all getting to know each other better. Sue was in that great chartreuse sweater and scarf, with her great red hair against an abstract painting behind her.  I hoped someday to have an excuse to paint her from those references. Day Fourteen seemed like the perfect excuse! 

So much work yet to be done... Her hands are just blocked in and the sweater and scarf painted in a fast, slap-dash manner.  But it's 11:15 and I want to sleep a little tonight, so I'm posting it as is for now.


Swagatika said...

It looks perfect!

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Susan,

I like the hands loose like this. It's a beautiful painting.


Libby Anderson said...

Susan, this captures her beautifully. It is that she is sitting for just a minute before she runs to check on something in the kitchen. I hated to hear about the flooding at her beautiful place but glad they were okay.