Day Three- Bedriye


This is an 8x10 oil of my partner's mother, one of the dearest people on this earth. When my mother died two Aprils ago, Bedriye made sure I knew that she was now my mother. I'm lucky indeed to be loved by her. Istanbul is so far away, but Skype does help us stay close with our family there.


Debra Bryant said...

Hi Susan! I have always loved your portraits, but this must be a favorite! Your perspective and paint application are a joy to behold. :)

Pattie Wall said...

It's nice how women JUST know when to step in. Glad that you can Skype - hurray for technology! Lovely painting Susan. Paint on!

Barbara Pask said...

So great to see new paintings from you, this is just wonderful. I'm glad you're doing the challenge, a treat for all of us to enjoy your work.

Barbara Muir said...

Beautiful portrait. So sorry to hear about your
mother Susan. Beautiful light in this portrait.