Stella and Ziggy - a start

Stella and Ziggy, oil on 12"x12" canvas panel
Again I offered up three reference possibilites to the viewers of the broadcast who were there as I started, and they chose one of my niece Stella and their dog Ziggy, over a still life of flowers and fruit and a landscape of one of San Antonio's missions- Mission Espada.
My objective while I painted was to get an accurate drawing (with thinned burnt umber), then cover the white of the canvas with as close to the correct values and reasonably close to the colors of my reference. It took about two and a half hours to get this far. I like the simply-painted, poster-like shapes and can envision a version of this painting that wouldn't stray too far from this look. But I want to play in the paint a bit more and try using much thicker, barely mixed paint.
My three paintings-in-progress: the red boat, Stella and Ziggy, and John Pototschnik- may have to wait until I've gotten a good handle on the mural I'm beginning today. Actually, I'll be painting a 24" x 48" canvas, the image of which will be photographically enlarged and installed as a mural at a new elementary school that bears the name of the subject of the mural- Ralph Langley. I so enjoy (and truthfully, depend on) the company of those who attend my broadcasts, that I'll invite folks to drop in on my progress with the mural painting over the next month. If you want an email letting you know when I'm painting online, add your email address to my group at the top of the sidebar on this page. See you there!


Marian Fortunati said...

I'm sorry I missed both sittings on this. I always enjoy listening to you as you think your way through a painting.

You never seem to have difficulties with reference photo colors... the darks etc. Is that because you use a monitor or just because you know what to look for with photographic reference issues.

Pattie Wall said...

I an enjoying the perspective on this one! You have made it so appealing. It includes some interesting information about your subjects. I too, am amazed at how you use photos - your paintings from photos always have that "posed freshness" about them.