Riverwalk Casa Rio -Sold

Riverwalk Casa Rio, 14 x 11, oil on panel
I may have just noodled this painting to a faretheewell since I can't see a single other thing I could do to it. It's growing on me, though. I ride the express bus to and from downtown where the gallery is, I may have mentioned. One of my 'bus friends' is Juana, who has worked at Casa Rio for many years. I always show her what I've painted recently by showing the images on my camera. When she saw the original version, she asked where she was in the painting. So I took a photo of her from the back and tucked her in the scene. Good idea, Juana!
I'm going to try to paint tonight online... come by www.ustream.tv/channel/susancarlin at 6 Central time if you can.


Barbara M. said...

Hi Susan,

It's therapy for me just looking at it. The umbrellas and the water create the most peaceful feeling. After a long day of teaching I really appreciate the joy in it.


Diana Marshall said...

The finished version is stunning, I love the light reflecting on the water, it has much more zip to it now you have worked on the water, good job.

Jimmie said...

Outstanding finish! I love art as it makes you feel like you are there. This painting reminds me of our mini vacation Carolyn and I took to San Antonio and met you in the studio. The colors and reflections on your painting sparkle like the riverwalk.

Joanna said...

Love it. The ducks made me smile.

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Wow - good for YOU! This is awesome.