Skype Portrait / Coffee Cup

Barbara Muir is a powerful force for good, a generator of happiness, and a fearless, expressive artist. I'm delighted to be in her orbit. I hadn't visited her blog in a few days, so sat down with my coffee this morning and peeked in on her world. I found that, along with a wonderful painting by Theresa Rankin, she'd posted the portrait that I painted of her via our Skype conversation a few weeks ago. Thanks, Barbara! If you'd like to see the video of the broadcast, go HERE.

A couple of weeks ago, I saw this painting on Barbara's blog and proposed a trade- her Skype portrait for the coffee cup painting. She agreed, so now this is hanging on my dining room wall. Yea!
Tonight I'll be painting online again... at 6 p.m. Texas (Central) time. Hope you'll wander over and chat a while!


Jo Castillo said...

Nice cup of coffee to have on your wall! Good trade!

Mark Bridges said...

Hi Susan, Congratulations on getting in to the Salon show. Glad you got you book signed and some special pointers for next years efforts