More Puzzles

Ok, it IS addictive. Here are some links to more puzzles using some of my paintings....
Braids puzzle Jigsaw PuzzleBraids puzzle Jigsaw Puzzle
Cowboy puzzle Jigsaw PuzzleCowboy puzzle Jigsaw Puzzle
Creating puzzle Jigsaw PuzzleCreating puzzle Jigsaw Puzzle
Watching Birds puzzle Jigsaw PuzzleWatching Birds puzzle Jigsaw Puzzle
Cat In Bowl puzzle Jigsaw PuzzleCat In Bowl puzzle Jigsaw Puzzle


Barbara Pask said...

Hi Susan, What fun, worked all but one. Missed you painting Tuesday, didn't know if you would be up to it or not after the marathon pastel, lol.

Jo Castillo said...

These are fun. Thanks for setting them up with few pieces so I could work them quickly. They have some large ones with weird cut pieces that are hard. Whew.

Thanks for sharing.

Frank Gardner said...

These are fun Susan. I love jigsaw puzzles.