Favorite Time of Day

I worked on this during the online broadcast last night, but the stomach bug I'd picked up was getting worse, so I ended early. I'm sure the viewers were grateful due to all my moaning and whining. I had a rough night but feel better already. Water is all I've risked drinking this morning, and then just a little. I forgot to hit the record button, so there's no recording of this session at Ustream.tv. Sorry!
I see a few things I might want to do to this painting before getting it under glass. I think there could be a bit more light and heat on the tops of the sofa and pillows where the light strikes. The colors please me, and the simplicity of the drawing.


Barbara M. said...

Hi Susan,

Woo, woo Wow! Is it my imagination or are you pushing the colours in this
one to new heights of bold. I love it!!!!

You are sooo good. Watch out Matisse,
Gaugin and Andy!!!


Jo Castillo said...

Beautiful. I wondered where you went, I got there late. Glad you are feeling better!

Diana Marshall said...

wonderful painting, so alive with beautiful colours. Boy you seem to be able to paint under all sorts of conditions from illness to being watched by thousands of people, my hat off to you.

LaurenYandell said...

Wish I could see it in person! Really like the unfinished treatment with the lower left corner. I dig it!