Reference photo options for UStream broadcast

These are the possible reference photos I could use for today's painting at noon on
The top one is a photo of an artist friend, Kim, that Karen took last November. The lower two are from the copyright-free image library on
I'll leave it up to those who keep me company as to which one I paint. Got a preference?


Amy Sullivan said...

Hi Susan, I like the first picture.
See you soon. Amy

Barbara Pask said...

I think I like the middle photo but I'll be happy watching you paint anything. Looking forward to it, thanks for doing this.

Mrs. G. said...

Happy Birthday, Susan!

Ann Reyes said...

Susan, I loved watching you paint!!! I hurried home from church and started watching about 12:20 and watched all the rest until almost 4:00. It was so nice to be able to see and hear your process. And, thank you so much for mentioning my self-portrait and my blog! You're so kind. Your portraits put mine to shame.

Yes, I was one of the cowards who didn't sign in... I've never done that and I'm not sure what to do, so I just watched and listened and enjoyed. Thank you so much for doing the movie! Your paintings are just wonderful!

Susan Carlin said...

Thank you for hanging out with me while I painted today! It was so much fun. We'll have to do it again sometime.

gargashow said...

hi susan
your works very beautifull
antalya/türkiye greets