Baby Grace

A proud grandpa and grandma came in the gallery today and had a photograph of Baby Grace in grandpa's wallet. I begged. I scanned. I painted. I painted this oil on an 8"x10" acrylic-tinted panel. It's one of those super-slick surfaces that I sanded and primed with an acrylic medium tone. It was kind of hard to get a photo of it without glare, so I hope you can see through all the shine.


K. said...

This is so sweet it makes my heart hurt a little bit. In a good way, though.

Barbara Pask said...

So sweet, love the pink ribbon in her hair.

Jo Castillo said...

Ahhhh, another sweetie.

Amy Sullivan said...

Darling little one !
I just visited your friend J.P.
Susan, I love the way you go about "preaching" the word of art.
Your ministry is growing.: )
You are a wonderfully giving person.
Just had to sat that. : )

Anonymous said...

Susan, this is a wonderful sweet interpretation of this child. I'm sure the recipients will be completely delighted. I've been enjoying watching your painting demos you've been posting. way to go.

Susan Carlin said...

Oh, thank you, my friends. I had such a good time painting this little face. You know, I paint as much for you all, as for the people who buy my paintings. It means so much to know other artists will come by to see what I painted recently. So THANK YOU!