Finish of Pee Wee, Beginning of Dottie, and Award.

This is the finish of Pee Wee. I like it quite a lot.

This is the beginning of an 11" x 14" oil on stretched canvas using a black and white photo from the '40s as the reference. Dottie was the wife of Pee Wee and is now about 83 years old.

This is the painting my student Wanda finished today. She hasn't painted in over 20 years and is now re-initiated into the Order of the Artist. She was covered in paint by the end of the day, but she did a great job on this, her re-entry painting. Wonderful, Wanda!

Dianne Mize has graciously bestowed a lovely award upon me- Arte y Pico
It appears this award originated with a blogger named Eseya from Paraguay whose desire it was to award bloggers who inspire her and whose work she admires. The domino effect set in and now it's said to be one of highest honors among bloggers. Thank you, Dianne! And so I give the Arte y Pico Award to the following five bloggers:
Carol Marine Carol is a talented daily painter who is generous with her process and encouragement of other painters. She inspires me every day.
Karin Jurick Karin is a shining star in the artist's sky who shows what's possible with incredibly hard work and persistence . I'm over the moon with admiration for her.
Frank Gardner Frank is a wonderful painter who is also very generous in sharing his process and experience with the rest of us.
Colin Page Colin's paintings light me up on the inside. I have instant happiness and joy each time I see his work.
Kathryn Law Kathy is undergoing a perception transformation and is terrifically generous in sharing her thoughts and paintings as she goes. I look forward to each new painting.
Some of these painters may not have the time or inclination to keep this award circulating, but they are the ones I watch most carefully as I find my own way along this artist's path. I'm very grateful they share their work via their blogs.


Frank Gardner said...

Well, I was just going to comment on how much I liked the pee wee finish and the start on the other. It is cool how you pull colors from a black and white photo.

But, I do happen to have this little speech I prepared....
Honestly, thanks for the award Susan. It is extra special to share it with so many painters that I admire too.

Jo Castillo said...

Susan, the portrait of Pee Wee is so natural. He looks comfortable and confident. :) Dottie is natural and beautiful, too.

Congratulations on your Arte Y Pico award. You deserve all the awards you can get!

Stacey Peterson said...

Susan - the portrait of Pee Wee turned out so well!! I'm also impressed at how natural you've made Dottie look working from a B&W photo - beautiful!

Barbara Pask said...

Pee Wee came out just perfect. I like the new portrait you're starting of Dottie, looks fun to paint. I like her hairdo and the collar. You get so much done, you deserve the award.

Dianne Mize said...

Excellent work, as always. That's a lovely shadow cast along side Dottie's neck and onto her shoulder.

Susan Carlin said...

Thank you, Frank and Jo and Stacey and Barbara and Dianne. When the black and white photo is high quality, I seem to do ok if I know the real hair color and eye color. I MUCH prefer working from life or a great color photo, but.... I don't always get to. I had plenty of time today to noodle and fiddle with this one. And STILL the nose is a bit too wide! It helps to bring it onto the monitor alongside the reference. I didn't have time to do that at the end of today, though. Worried about catching the bus.

Kristy Gordon said...

Congratulations on your Arte Y Pico award Susan! And yeah, great paintings!!

Kathryn Law said...

As always, your work is stunning! I visit every couple days, though I seldom take the time to comment--you inspire me so much, Susan. Thank you for the award! To say I'm honored is an understatement!! Now, I want to hear Frank's speech...:)