Oil Portrait Demo -Henry Cardenas

Henry was a good sport and sat for my demonstration for the Trinity Art League tonight. It's challenging to instruct and chat while painting, but I talked a blue streak nonetheless. I even set up my little Flip Video and recorded the whole shebang. I haven't seen it yet, so it may be something that will need a music soundtrack vs. my voice... we'll see.

The members were very welcoming and complimentary. Thanks, Everyone!


Anonymous said...

That comment about critque above here makes me WANT to critque right now.

Good demo - I admire anyone who can paint a demo. I'm always thinking if I try it the wheels are going to fall off and I will end up crying. Lisa paints great demos - she would appreciate what you have done here.

Susan Carlin said...

Hey Bill- that's just because you're very high in the ornery factor. And believe me, I always wonder if my wheels are going to fall off, too. I've never actually cried, though. I had a rash of unsolicited critiques last week for some reason, so I may have overreacted with the urging for people to send critiques privately.