Two one-hour portraits today

Oil on RayMar panel, 8" x 10"
I'd completely forgotten that I'd been asked to do a portrait from a sitting and be interviewed for a public access tv show an acquaintance is making. So when he showed up today with two camera people, I ran next door and asked if any of the artists at River Art Gallery might come sit for me. Jeanne Allen offered, so I grabbed her and plunked her in a chair on the platform, squeezed out some new paint and started slapping on paint as I was being asked questions. Yikes! I'm sure I sounded a little odd. Who knows? But I kind of like the portrait that came of it.
I told Jeanne that at first she looked a little like Golda Meir. Then later, Ronald Reagan. But in the end, I think she looked mostly like Jeanne.

Just as I was finishing up Jeanne's shirt, this very nice man, an architect from Miami, came in and decided he wanted to sit for a portrait, too. We had the most pleasant conversation as I painted. I usually paint folks regarding the viewer -me- directly. Looking straight at me. But I really liked this view of him as we were going through the slow turn that I ask models to do in order to find a nice position. He had such interesting planes in his cheek and jawline.

Oil on RayMar panel, 8" x 10"

I'm all ready for the workshop tomorrow now... I just love seeing those lightbulbs going on over artists' heads as they learn something new. I always learn something, too. Always.


Marilyn Moore said...

Now wonder you are so very happy in your studio/gallery!
You go with the flow and enjoy the serindipitous moments. The likeness you captured is wonderful.

solopoesie said...
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Susan Carlin said...

Thank you, Marilyn! Marilyn has a brand new blog, ya'll.... check it out!

Pattie said...

What a wealth of great source material you have around you! I am interested how the TV shoot turned out?! Your "quick" portraits display such a great command of skintone colors from your palette! I like the warmth in both of these!