"Braids" painting on eBay, and new Riverwalk painting

Go HERE to see listing. Ends late Saturday evening.
6" x 6" oil painting on panel, frame available.

This is a start of another painting of the San Antonio Riverwalk. Oil on stretched canvas, 11 x 14. I'm truly trying to loosen up here... will post my progress or finish soon.
Tomorrow begins the two day portraiture workshop I'm giving at the Hill Country Arts Foundation, so I'm busy getting last minute details together... and you know how I like to do things at the last minute!


Angela Fehr said...

I thought for a minute you were using my photos again, Susan! Samantha has braids today and they look just like that!

I often think that some of my favorite photos and portraits do not show the subjects' faces.

Jo Castillo said...

I didn't expect to see any new posts from you until after the workshop. Oh my.

The portraits are super. Jeanne and the guy. Nice work and talking, too.

The Riverwalk one is coming along nicely, too.

Sleep, sleep, sleep,.......