Commission coming along

I spent some of Monday and much of Tuesday working on this painting and think it's coming along pretty well.... Now. Just when I thought I was on the home stretch, I realized I'd cheated him of some face on the viewer's right side. I had to move his ear out about a quarter of an inch and give him more of a temple there. Tomorrow I'll be working on his tie and the lapel rose and sorting out some edges here and there.

It's good having my parents here visiting. Dad's been going in with me to the gallery and exploring along the Riverwalk, taking photos. He's also been cooking like crazy and we're all eating way too well. Tonight: barbeque with his famous home made sauce, and carmel corn. It's decadent and wonderful, trust me. Mom sets aside her current novel or movie to join in whatever's proposed. We're getting a few games in, but I feel a domino tournament coming on.


aseago said...

Hi Susan:

The portrait's coming along nicely--you're a very talented portrait painter. Watch those domino games, they can be deadly ;-).

Ann Seago
Austin, TX

n. rhodes harper said...

Hi Susan, Thanks for the kind comment on my blog! I am a nut for black and white as well. I think your portraits are so wonderful. Have you just been painting like mad? How is spring on the river? Happy Painting, Nancy Harper

ps have you seen Karin's umber studies? unbelievable..