Artists- Start Your Blogs!

As an artist, it's essential to have a web presence, and a blog is a GREAT solution. If you already have a website, a blog can be the perfect compliment. Blogs are wonderfully interactive, easy to update and FREE! Connecting with other artists and with art lovers is so important, and you can do that easily via your own blog. Show your latest work. Share progress images as you create. Ask for feedback. Announce public showings of your work, network with others, give and receive encouragement, even sell your work online with PayPal- it's all possible with a blog. If you want to sell your work via eBay, a blog can send people to your auctions. You can build and maintain a mailing list via your blog and send your emails with news and images of your lastest work.

For lots of information and real assistance in launching your blog, and get it working for you, come to my Saturday workshop May 24th, 10 a.m. - 3:30 p.m at the Coppini Academy in San Antonio.

We'll cover the setting up your blog, how to post entries, how to upload images of your work and much, MUCH more.

The cost for the Artists- Start Your Blogs! workshop is $50.
Three ways to register:

1. Send a check for $50., your name, address, phone number and email address to:
Susan Carlin
12818 Independence Ave.
San Antonio, TX 78233

Or 2. Call 210-226-3992 Monday-Saturday 10-6 to register over the phone.

Or 3. Send your registration fee to at Click on "Send Money" and follow the instructions. Be sure to include your name, phone number and address.

Directions and more information will be emailed to you before the workshop. Although you may decide to come at the last minute, you must be pre-registered to receive "handouts" emailed to you prior to the workshop.

If you have a wireless notebook/laptop computer, bring it with you. And bring your lunch!

I'm looking forward to seeing you there!



theresamillerwatercolors said...

Susan: I love your blog and you are one the the artists that inspired me to create my own. I did not know that you were giving a class on creating a blog when I did my own Sunday morning. I would take your class if I lived near - Switzerland is a bit TOO FAR to just drop by. I still need more tips to expand my blog, but I think it's a good start. Don't you think? Good luck with your class. I hope you get lots of people to sign up!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Susan, thanks so much for your comment on my painting. Your portraits are very strong. Beautiful cat portraits too.
I agree about the blog. I really enjoy it. It's interactive and it's FREE :D