Wonderful Party

My friend, Karen, is the main reason the Opening went well. She handled the whole food-and-wine thing like she was a professional caterer. I poured maybe three glasses for guests. She poured about 200 more. I wish I'd had the presence of mind to take more photos. Everything was so pretty. Thank you, Karen!

This is Pam Clarkson, one of the other two artists who show their work in the gallery, enjoying maybe one of her only chances to sit down. She and her S.O. Jim Mahaffey had recommended the musicians we hired. They were great! Folks from all over La Villita followed their ears to our little courtyard and joined the party.

This is my friend Karen Wagoner and I posing with a painting. Thanks for being there (and for bringing all those goodies), Karen!
I'm so grateful for yesterday. So many good friends (and many perfect strangers!) all wishing us well. We ate well, sipped wine and exchanged lots of hugs and compliments.

Pam entertaining guests.

My daughter, Morgan, my friends Katherine and Elizabeth, and the back of Mary Shepard, the other exhibiting artist in our happy little trio.

Mary Shepard talking with the musicians

The fellows with the cool sounds.

Before the crowds... perfect sunny, warm day.

Char Eppright (wearing the blue scarf), a wonderful portrait artist friend from Austin, and Ann Blomquist, her friend from Boerne, at our Opening. Thank you for driving in!

Karen W. and Elizabeth Siglar soaking up the rays.
When it got busier, I completely forgot to take photos. Beren Gaule sent a beautiful plant for our "gallery warming." Cindi Alarie and Judy Korge (who both brought wine!) and Valerie Mortensen, Katherine Morehead, and Elizabeth Siglar from my Artist's Way group came. Some of the others were Chris Armes, Sherrie Allyn, Kathleen Griffith, Alicia Lawson, Sara Eyestone and her S.O. David Molin, Janice Joplin, Barbara Allspaugh, Doralee and Douglas Shannon, Patrick Kimble and his S.O. Ray, Steven DaLuz, Mary Ann Matteson and family, Toni Cheshire, Kip Dollar and Toby Johnson, Ron Moczygemba and Mike Farner, Carol Myers and friend, Stacey Hill (who gave us an iTunes card so we can pick some new music forand her S.O. Jerry, Mark and Leigh Gifford (who brought blooming paperwhites and my very favorite wine), Allan and Susan Butcher, Beth Duke from Houston, a sweet couple, Jan and Tom, who were sent by a mutual friend in Georgia! .... and so many, many more. Please forgive me if my memory has gone a little blinky and I've not mentioned you. Many friends sent their good wishes by email and phone calls. Thank you everyone.
Now we're going to wash the dishes, sweep up and get back to our easels. It's tough, this business of making art. The joy. The exhilaration. The fun of color and line. It takes a lot out of a gal. Come by anytime and watch the drama unfold. I'm there Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Usually. This week it's also Friday. Mary Shepard paints on Wednesdays and Pam Clarkson on Fridays.
See you soon!


Linda Calvert Jacobson said...

Sounds like you have a wonderful time and a great turnout. Sorry we couldn't join you. Best of wishes!

Jo Castillo said...

Linda's message goes double for us. It just looks great. What a wonderful place. We will make it there!! I will come paint/lessons from you!!

Cheri said...

Wow! It sounds and looks (from the wonderful photos you have) like the event was just lovely. Congrats!