Second day in paradise

Ok, so the little girl portrait was a prop for this photo. All it needed was my signature (hence the tiny liner brush). Later in the day I got to start this 11x14 oil on stretched canvas. It was delicious to be working outside in this perfect weather with happy people passing by and stopping to talk. I'm so tired it's hard to raise my arms, but oh, what a good day. Thank you folks for your good wishes. They mean a lot.


Bag Blog said...

You are living my dream - congrats on your new studio. Maybe some day I will make it to SA and see you at work.

Regina Calton Burchett said...

Hasn't it been beautiful out? And you get to work outside on a fun painting! The dog looks so comfy, just like mine when I returned to my house for something I forgot and found her in my recliner...

Laura said...

Ha! I love the dog painting! The portrait looks beautiful. Yes, you are underpricing your work. I hate that part -- the pricing, I mean.

solopoesie said...

Complimenti x i tuoi quadri!! Sono bellissimo !!!


The world was born before me
And before I accorgessi to live, my soul was already in the wind and I waited.
In my first term I had the certainty of not being alone in my world.
Let me ............... always feel the breath of life
Let me ............. to step up from the depths of my soul.
Let me ........ I always go where the gap was not master.
.......... I would always have the strength to break the silence with the rustle of my thoughts.
..... I would continue to open our eyes each morning to count with a big smile my wrinkles
Let me ........ rivedermi every morning increasingly resemble my soul
I would ............ I always go where the gap was not master.
Let me ......... with her one day
Reviewed in the light all the faces belonged to my world.
But I am certain that my world, and we will also ask when to terminate the light ....