An ordinary Tuesday chock full of painting.

What a day! A full day of painting at the gallery followed by a pastel portrait demonstration for the New Braunfels Art League this evening. Virginia Carruth, a beautiful woman and excellent pastel painter, agreed to model for me. She did a great job modeling and I had a very good time talking with all those artists as I painted. I took some photos of her and have brought the painting home to look more closely and finish it up. It's a good thing I did. Yikes! So many things to change. I'll post the "after" when I'm done. Thank you to all the NBAL members who made me feel so welcome!

This is the finish of the very loose wedding portrait. It framed up beautifully.

This is Melanie's daughter, a bit more refined and now framed.

The turquoise background on this painting had bothered me. It still looks very turquoise in this photo, but I really did tone it down. I think my camera really pushes blues and greens.

This is a start I made on an 11 x 14 oil today. This is a photo I begged the photographer for. How could I resist? I hope to eventually do it justice. The sofa was very floral and the boy's shirt was very stripey. They clashed and jangled the eye. I may put stripes in the background, though.

This is a model stand... a perfect 9 inches high... made by my friend Steve by sawing off the legs of a 36" x 36" oak coffee table. He cut the back two corners off, too, so it would fit in my odd-shaped gallery. Thank you, Steve!!!


J A Baker said...

I really enjoyed watching your demo tonight. It was also a pleasure meeting you in person. I will try to be at your grand opening this weekend.

Thanks for visiting NBAL!

Susan Carlin said...

Thank you, J.A. I'm so glad you introduced yourself! It was good meeting you, too. Hope to see you Saturday!

Angela Fehr said...

I love the pose on the little ballerina - guess I just have a weakness for paintings of little girls - those are always the ones I gravitate to in my "Canadian Impressionism" book, too. Should get it out again...

Jo Castillo said...

This is a great collection. You have been busy. The portrait of Virginia is so like her!

The kids are perfect. My favorite is the pink tutu. :)

I like the model stand as well.

How exciting. Wish I could be there Saturday. Drat!