Two demos this week .... and an award!

This has been a fun week. Two demos, two classes, two awards, and a new commission.
The first demo was set up by one of my students this summer, an art teacher at Brauchle Elementary School. They have an annual "Art Walk" evening where artists of all sorts are invited to come and demonstrate their work. I loved painting and talking with all the great kids and their parents.
The second demo was for Die Kunstler, an art league in Fredericksburg. ('Die Kunstler Von Fredericksburg' means The Artists Of Fredericksburg.) That was tonight. Oh my! Were they fun! Forty-five artists watching me do a quick oil portrait. No pressure. The president, Steve Talley, was gracious enough to sit for me. Nine artists signed up for a portrait workshop with me.... now we just need to find a place to have it!
I called on the way back from Fredericksburg to find I'd won "Second Place Oil" at Coppini with my painting of the little girl holding her dad's hand. That made me feel nice... and bit richer. It's the first oil of mine which has been accepted into a show, so it's nice that it won something.
The portrait commission is from a woman my age here in San Antonio who's having a painting done of herself at 18 in a bathing suit. Lake Michigan in the background. Very sweet, actually. The photo is black and white, but I'm told the suit should be baby blue. That'll be fun.
The DRT Gala is Saturday evening and I still need to buy shoes to go with my outfit. I'll be signing Alamo posters that night. It should be a wonderful evening. I can't wait to see what the painting goes for in the auction!
Sunday I'm volunteering at the River Art Show in La Villita. Last year I had a booth at the show, but this year the Gala prevented participating. I'll just go and help the other artists on Sunday. My friend Mary Shepard has a booth again this year. I love her work.
Nighty night, All.


Jo Castillo said...

Susan, Good for you! That little girl is a great painting. :)

Your demos sound fun. We had fun when we saw you perform at APS. Take care....


Professor J said...

I love to watch you demo--you really make friends with the people when you talk. I'm always surprised you don't get invited over for Thanksgiving. Seriously, you rock.