Demo today at Coppini Academy

Well, that was fun. What a difference between the Fredericksburg group and this one, though. F'burg folks asked lots of questions and there was a lot of laughing and clear interest. My home folks here were more subdued and reserved for some reason. But I got several thank yous afterwards which seemed happy and sincere.
Carol Hatch offered to be the model and did a nice job of it. This was just a 50-60 minute oil sketch, but I like it. If she decides she wants it I'll refine it more from the photos I took there.

I have a question- I like to do demos. When you go to a demo, what do you want the artist to talk about and show? I'd like to work up a program to offer to groups of non-artists, too, so any ideas about what to address? I have my own ideas, but would love to hear yours. Thanks!
I got to use my new palette today and liked it a lot. Here it is in its virgin state:
I also got the "Artist of the Month" award today with my "Evening Comfort" painting. Felt good.
Tomorrow I'm going back to work on the commission of the bathing beauty at Lake Michigan.


Jo Castillo said...

Hi Susan, I'm home! Missed your last few posts on the road. This is a great demo portrait. Can't believe how fast you are getting.

In demos I like to know why .. why you choose a surface, why you use compliments or not, etc. Hints about a way to simplify and make easier, yes, I know, the easiest way is to practice and paint..... :)


Susan Carlin said...

Hey Jo! Glad you're back! Great suggestion. I'll be thinking about my whys so I can address them next time.
See you soon!