Second and last day of Artisans Fair

Well, I'm bushed. I forgot my visor and my apron today so my nose is burnt and I had to scrub oil paint out of my clothes when I got home. But, again, I loved the questions the kids asked today. If I could spend the next year just painting those eight and nine-year-old faces, I'd be in heaven. I promised I'd post the finished painting of the dogs on my blog so the kids could see them done. I'll try to finish them up by the weekend. In the meantime, here's how the second one looks at the moment.
Tomorrow we hang our show at Justin's On Main. I'll put the reception information here again. Do try to come next Friday! Good eats and good art. Can't beat that.

Three Points of View
Three painters, three ways of looking at the world.
Paintings by
Susan Carlin, Donna Bland and Kim Roberti
Please Come to the Reception
November 9, 2007
Friday 5:00– 8:30 p.m.

Justin’s On Main
2512 N. Main Avenue
San Antonio, Texas

Refreshments, Art
and Scintillating Company

The Show will be in place all of November 2007

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