Himalayan Kitty and progress on Angela

Maxxy, oil, 14 x 11
This was a fun commission. The client who commissioned it tuned in to watch the finishing touches during my broadcast yesterday and sent this email today:
Morning, Susan thank you so much for yesterday…. I smiled the whole time that I was watching you paint Max…. He’s is perfect, I could be happier ….. I am so glad that I found you!!
Words like those mean the world to me. I love my work.

I worked another few hours on this commission yesterday, also. So much yet to do, so much to change... Portraits are like intricate puzzles where you have to craft each piece yourself. It's challenging and exasperating... and thrilling when you finally get all the pieces to fit. (The background is undetermined yet, so I've covered the white of the canvas with blue and green just as a placeholder.)


"JeanneG" said...

Love the kitty.

Marian Fortunati said...

Interesting... So how will you decide on a background??? Is it usually imagination or taken from the photo or????

CandynRA said...

Hi Susan...just a note to let you know I miss sitting in on your painting sessions. Been so busy, just haven't been able to break loose. I'm back to working full-time, again, and having fun juggling everything. Not having the time to paint near as much. That hurts, but I know some day, I'll be able to get back into it! The kitty is great! I'll try keeping up through your blog. You are still amazing!

Barbara M. said...

Hi Susan,

I love the idea of a portrait as a puzzle. There's those last few pieces that can take some extra thought. Plus I love the idea of a placeholder. I always think of that as a ground -- but that's a nice idea, a kind of bookmark of where the painting is now, before the story moves on. You are great.

Both pieces are just lovely.


http://www.onpainting.wordpress.com said...

Great handling of the whites.

Carolina said...

The cat is lovely, no surprise the owner is so happy... the bottom painting is really great too.
Best regards,