Double Vision and Progress

Yesterday these two handsome people walked in and it took me five whole seconds to figure out how I knew them - I'd painted them last year! Here they're standing with the giclee print I had made of their portrait. The larger original was commissioned by Fairmont State University in West Virginia where Dr. Daniel Bradley had been president. He is now president of Indiana State University. Cheri Bradley was the first president's wife to be painted in the official portrait for that university. The Bradleys are a team and preferred that way of being portrayed. Cool, yes?
I painted online last night and made a little progress on the portrait of Angela and Aurora. In case you wonder, I love every part of the process of painting a portrait. Each piece of the puzzle that I get right is a little thrill. And last night I had the additional thrill of getting to talk with those who came to watch the broadcast, and with a friend who was in the studio with me.
I'm completely spoiled now.


Marian Fortunati said...

Sounds like you've been soooo busy.. Doing well, too!! (Yeah!)

I've missed your programs... they always come at an odd time for me, but I always enjoy them when I can catch them.

Barbara Pask said...

Amazing to watch you work on her face and how she transformed so quickly. I just compared your start with this one, wow.

Jo Castillo said...

Isn't that fun that the couple visited again! Cool.

The portrait is great, I like seeing it develop as well.

Barbara M. said...

Hi Susan,

It's exciting to see the couple with the image of the painting. What a wonderful job you did capturing their
faces. The new painting is super too. How great that you love every part of the process. You are an


drewK said...

Indiana State?? Oh my.... I'm an Indiana University grad. Sorry!!! :-)