Big smiles and and a tender moment

Angela and Kristy, oil, 11x14 Smiling cousins. It's still on my easel and still wet, but it's close to finished so I thought I'd show you. I painted much of it online yesterday... hours and hours online. Thank you to the sweet folks who kept me company.
These are the artists in my Marble Falls portrait workshop last week. Enthusiastic and hard working, they also kept me laughing and wishing I lived closer to Marble Falls. Thanks, Ya'll!

Midnight Wedding Aboard Ship, 14x11, oil
The way the man in this portrait looked at the painting when he came to the studio to pick it up was equal to getting Best of Show at a prestigious competition. Better. It was a difficult painting to do and from a frankly terrible reference. I struggled and maybe even cursed a few times. Pretty sure I did. But the client's happiness with it made it all worthwhile.
For the remainder of the days before Christmas, I will be glued to my easel working on the several commissions I've promised to be done by then. Except when I'm at dance lessons. I'm a little dangerous on the dance floor yet, but it's so much fun! Old dog. New trick.
Go have some fun today!


Anonymous said...

Lovely work as always. What kind of dance classes are you taking? I keep wanting to sign up for dance classes and then chicken out.

Susan Carlin said...

Country western, if you can believe that. Next class is swing. It's pretty fun and even exhilarating when I can make it all the way around the dance floor without flubbin' up.

Sutikalh said...

Wow Big Smiles is just brilliant!!!!

Terry Krysak said...

oops, that was me in the last comment Susan, forgot to log out of that blog.
Fantastic painting, they look so real, better than photographic.

Lokelani Forrest said...

Great job on both portraits Susan.

Barbara Pask said...

Hi Susan, I am so loving the commission of the two cousins, what great smiles they have. Such a sweet painting of the couple, you did such a nice job on this. I would love have seen his expression when he picked it up, that must have made you feel wonderful.

Jo Castillo said...

Well, what can I say besides wonderful? Excellent job. I'm sure the class had a ball with you, too. Do you have some pink boots? :)

Barbara M. said...

Hi Susan,

The two cousins are fantastic. Our worlds must be crossing because I just
finished a portrait of a couple in the moonlight. Wow! Even the colours
are similar.

Super work.


Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

You are inspiring! And I agree - the look on a client's face when they just love the piece - if it holds an emotional current for them - priceless. You GO girl, and when you come up for air - share some of those dance steps!