Workshops and starting a commission

Last week was chock full: One four-week Painting Workshop had its last session on Monday, the Langley dedication was on Wednesday, and I had a two-day Portrait Workshop on Friday and Saturday. I'm glad not all weeks are so busy, but I did love every minute!
I completely forgot to get a photo of the ten wonderful artists who impressed me greatly with their brave work in the four-week workshop, but let me tell you- Peggy M, Marilyn, Glenda, Dolly, Lorelei and Rhoni drove down from Marble Falls, worked their tushies off and drove that long drive back each Monday. Peggy M, Ruby, Pam, Mary and Gaye didn't have so far to drive, but worked just as hard. I was honored to have each of them in the workshop.

I did manage to get a photo (above) of the Portrait Workshop artists: L-R: Pam, Shelley, Motoe, Nancy, Janet (me) and Sherrie- in New Braunfels, TX. The young blonde woman in the middle is my niece Stella who modeled on the second day. I came away with such respect for how hard these artists worked and for their passion to learn.
This was my demo for the painting workshop- Attempting to show thinking and painting in three main values as a way to begin each painting.
Yesterday, Monday, in a huge rainstorm, three artists still showed up for their first session of a four week workshop. They each pushed themselves past their comfort zones and we were all shocked when it was time to go. I love my work.
There's still room in the two day Portrait Workshop in Marble Falls (just west of Austin) November 3-4, in case you're ready to move your portrait skills forward and have a ton of fun at the same time- contact me for more info.
Angela and Aurora, 24"x18"
Today I began this portrait commission online. I had good company while I painted. It has a long way to go, but I already love the happy feeling it has.
Whatever it is you love to do, I hope you got a good healthy dose of it this week!

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Professor J said...

I like your demo very much, Susan. And Stella looks like a young woman all of the sudden! She's really grown in the past couple of months!