I'll be painting online today!

I think I've got it figured out enough to do some drawing online today. In an hour and a half, actually. Noon Texas time, 6 p.m. Ireland time. I hope you'll come by! www.ustream.tv/channel/susancarlin

I've got to ask: is this heather? It was growing among the rocks on the road down to Giant's Causeway and I figured one of you might know. I was walking alone at the time and tried to ask a couple behind me, but they only spoke German. It sure was what my mind has always conjured when heather was mentioned in novels.

So many people told me, "Don't miss seeing Giant's Causeway!" I'm so glad I got to see it...
This was on the walk down to the sea-

This was on the other side of the path down-
These are the hexagonal shaped columnar stones that make up the Giant's Causeway-

Me on the way back up-
We got back to Limepark and all did some plein air painting. This is the walkway around the corner from the studio, down toward the meeting room. The artist is Kevin.
After the plein air work, several of us were taken to see the "Dark Hedges."
They're like no other hedges I've ever seen! Tall, tall trees that line a narrow road and create the most mysterious space. They've been there hundreds of years, I'm told.

I was invited to join the artists from another cottage last night for dinner and wine and much silliness and lofty conversation. I want to take all these folks back home with me to San Antonio!

This morning we had a three-hour session doing a brown-toned portrait. This is a bad photo of mine. I'll try to get a better photo soon. We're going to do color glazing tomorrow over it. I've never done that and hope it'll go well.
Please come to the broadcast and say hello! www.ustream.tv/channel/susancarlin.com


Marian Fortunati said...

Amazing paintings and photos. I'm so glad you're having a great time and sharing it with us.

Barbara Pask said...

HI Susan, I missed you today online but I watched the recording. I loved watching you sketch that beautiful young gal. I can't begin to tell you how talented I think you are. Sounds like you are enjoying your time in Ireland. When will you be home?

Barbara M. said...

Hi Susan,

What wonders you are seeing, and you're also doing superb work. I'm inspired. I hope your holiday continues to be amazing.


José said...


Lets see what can I say about the painting with the houses...notan ? :-)
Really good job.

Best regards,