Pix from the party last week

My friend Karen Wagoner brought heart balloons for the party, since Valentine's Day was the next day....

Julie, Martine (and Martine's parents, who were visiting from France) came too.
We decided Laura Pitts (on the right in black) was really my sister. Alrighty! That's Bonnie and Marilyn behind the counter.
Linda Clapp played violin for us. Lovely!

Visitors browsing Kim Shields' and Marilyn Moore's paintings... Kim Shields looking uncharacteristically serious...
Bonnie Mann, in mid-giggle...
Jo Castillo and Marilyn Moore (having a serious moment herself...)
Jo Castillo's husband, Gene, on the left. Regina Calton Burchett and her husband, Larry, on the right.

Jo Harris and her husband won the prize for coming the farthest... from Kansas!
Jo Castillo and Regina Calton Burchett both thrilled me by each buying one of my pastel paintings, since they are both excellent pastel painters themselves.
I got to see several people I hadn't seen in quite a while... so nice.
Thank you to all who came!

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Barbara Muir said...

Hi Susan,

This looks so cool. I'd love to participate in an art party there some day. Maybe next year!!!