Reference and painting from Sunday's online session

Ok, today was fun and odd at the same time. Had a rude heckler-type fellow show up and I hadn't bothered to learn how to use the moderation tools in order to kick him out, so he managed to change the mood a bit, darnitall. Thank heavens for the likes of Barbara Pask, Karen Hargett, Micki, Jane, Pat Schultz and several others who kept the conversation positive. Thank you, sweet artists all!

This painting was done between 1 and 2:45 p.m. I see LOTS I'll want to change, but this is where I left off at 2:45. I'm not sure how I forgot to complete the bluish shadows to the viewer's right of the figure. Lots of details are possible yet, and I see some sharp edges that I'll want to soften. I do like the feeling of this little painting, though, so it'll be worth continuing, I think.

Some of the viewers wanted to paint from this reference, too, so I encouraged them to do that and send them to me so I can post them by next Sunday. Karen Hargett has already sent hers (!!!) and it's a beautiful 5x7 pastel I look forward to posting.


Barbara Muir said...

I love this one too Susan.

You are way too hard on yourself -- this is just an incredibly great
painting, especially produced in such
a short time.


Ann Reyes said...

Congratulations, Susan, on winning the 2 first place ribbons!!! How exciting! I told you your paintings were wonderful!

Sorry I missed the Sunday online session. I love your painting of the little girl in the water. I printed the photo and plan to paint it. And--your kitty is precious!

Barbara Pask said...

Hi Susan, Your painting turned out wonderful yesterday, so sweet. Couldn't quite believe that arrogant man that showed up. We tried to ignore him but it's hard, I wanted to kick his butt, lol. We got your back. said...

I find the piece very impressive. I like it at this present state with the combination of warm and cool. This is a difficult pose and you handled it well.

It most likely would not be possible but wouldn't it be fun to tell the heckler - "Thanks for you input - I'm sure you can do it better - here I'll let you have the brush so you can show us what you are talking about."

Art with Liz said...

This is really good - I will be following your blog to see what's next!