Let's Go See The Impressionists in Fort Worth!

Let's go see the paintings at the Kimball Art Museum in Fort Worth on November 1 and November 2! The Chicago Art Institute has loaned 92 Impressionist paintings to the Kimball and that will be the last weekend of the exhibit. I'm delivering two paintings to a show in Fort Worth that weekend and thought it would be wonderful to meet up with any of you who'd like to ooh and ahh at the beautiful paintings with us. It'd be so fun to get to know some of you better.

The Kimball opens at 10 a.m on Saturday and closes at 5. We're driving up from San Antonio Saturday morning and will get to the Kimball between 11 and noon. I have to deliver the paintings before 6, but we could all get together for dinner that evening and whatever might come next! We will likely go back to the Museum on Sunday, too. It's open noon to 5 on Sunday.
I've booked a room at the Springhill Suites at 3250 Lovell Avenue, Fort Worth (817-878-2554) which is less than two miles from the museum at 3333 Camp Bowie Boulevard, Fort Worth.

Who's in?

-Excited Susan

210-226-3992 Gallery


eLIZabeth Floyd said...

Sounds like fun and the Kimbell is my fav. museum! Wish I could join you, but alas, I am in the DC area...

Regina Calton Burchett said...

Awww, I'd love to go, but I have two art events that weekend plus an antique car show! b u m m e r.

Hope you have a wonderful time!

Susan Carlin said...

Liz and Regina, I'll just have to give a report when we get back, right?

Karen Hargett said...

Sounds like great fun. I went there back in the 80s when they had Monet and a few others - it was wonderful! I know you will enjoy it. I look forward to hearing all about it.

Frank Gardner said...

I heard it is a great show from a friend of mine in Fort Worth. Wish I could go. It would be fun to meet you and see the art.

Your doing a great job so far of piecing together the missing parts of the burned photo.