This is an 11 x 14 oil on stretched canvas that I painted today at the gallery while chatting with the happy tourists and helping as I could with a student's pastel portrait project. I love that he has a toothpick in his mouth. (Click on the photo and you can see it larger.) You might recognize this fellow at the tourist who came in a couple of weeks ago and agreed to let me photograph him.

Of course, now that I see it small on my monitor, I'm seeing the big orange area on the side of his face... what the heck? Didn't look like that at the gallery, I swear. So I'll look at it again on Monday when I go back in and will likely cool that down. Ok, I'll cool that down for SURE.
I'm pretty tuckered, I have to tell you. The two workshops last week and my schedule this week hasn't allowed for any down time and I really could use a day to rest about now. My parents are coming in for a long-awaited visit on Tuesday, so I need to do some cleaning and organizing tomorrow. But for some part of tomorrow I plan to to be horizontal and watch some of the TIVOed programs I've saved. My daughter has agreed that she's finally too old for an Easter basket and hunting for eggs. I feel released. We'll have a nice dinner and speak of the things we're grateful for and welcome Spring with a smile. Life is good.


solopoesie said...
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Anonymous said...

Susan this is fabulous! I love all the interesting colours incorporated into his skin, you've done a great job interpreting this photo.

Pamela Clarkson said...

Susan-wanted to tell you how wonderful your workshop apples are-I know Carol and Karen were thrilled to have you as a student! Just as I predidcted--beautiful edges and glorious color!