Pastel portrait demo finished

Yesterday I was able to finish the painting of Phoebe. It will frame up as a 12 x 16. I'd hoped to also work on an oil I started a week or so ago, but got so involved in my conversations with people wandering into the gallery instead. I love talking with other artists and folks just fluttering their fledgling artist wings. Encouragement is so necessary among us.
As I look at this photo of the gallery, I can see that the front of the counter would look better in a warm oak color, don't you think?
I get to go to TWO painting workshops this week! I drive up tonight to north of Georgetown to attend a two day workshop with Judith Carducci, our judge for the Austin Pastel Society exhibition this year. It's being held at the Windberg Art Center, a great place out in the middle of nowhere that has a terrific layout and all the best AV equipment. I went to her demo Friday evening and decided not to try to drive up there early Monday morning, so will go tonight and stay at a nearby hotel with two artist friends. Then I'm back to the gallery Wed-Thursday, then back up to Round Rock for a three day workshop with my favorte artists who sell their work on eBay as well as more traditional galleries. I can't tell you how excited I am about getting to know them a little. Carol Marine from Austin, and Karin Jurick from Decatur, Georgia.
Mary Shepard will be at the gallery Monday and Tuesday this week, Pamela Clarkson on her usual Friday, and the great Donna Good will be there on Saturday. Why doesn't Donna have a blog? We'll have to fix that right away! Thank you, Donna, for agreeing to keep the gallery open and humming next Saturday!


Jo Castillo said...

Yes, the counter would be better in an oak color.

OOoouuu. I envy you the weekend and next. Have so much fun and learn a bunch to pass on to us. Maybe I can get down in May.

Susan Carlin said...

Jo! I learned a LOT. Judy Carducci was just great. Come on down and I'll replay the whole two days for you. Ha! Ok, I'll give you the highlights.