Pastel portrait demo

This is a small (9x12) pastel portrait on a sanded ground (Colourfix) which I started on Tuesday as a demo in my class, but finished today. The photo is from which has copyright-free images for artists to use. I print some of them for my portrait students. Now that I have the photo and the portrait side-by-side, I see all sorts of discrepancies, but like it anyway, I think.
Mary Shepard came over today and painted with me so we could brainstorm about the new studio. I got clearer about some things in the process. Thank you, Mary! Here's Mary's website: She paints beautiful landscapes and still life in watercolors and oil. Mary paints a mean portrait, too, but doesn't quite admit it.
Tomorrow we're putting up Christmas decorations. I resist every year and then find myself just silly with Christmas spirit once the tree is decorated. I expect to give myself over to carols and the wearing of Santa hats very soon.
Here's to the lifting of your own seasonal spirts, ya'll.


Professor J said...

And I love it, too!

Melanie said...

Oh, this one is gorgeous. Lovely.

J A Baker said...

What a beautiful portrait! I traced your post from Linda Calvert Jacobson's and had to see your work. Love your new studio and gallery too. I'm just getting my new place in order and it's a lot of work!

Good luck on your new space.
J A Baker

MzCelery said...

Love your work, especially the children pastels. Reminds me of Madame Cassatt.