More mural...of course!

I've got 30 hours of painting time in on this project now. That's not counting interviewing, sketching, photo and computer time, time at the art supply store, or driving time. I'm guessing another 10 to go. Maybe 15? I keep thinking of new details to add. Once it's done, I'll coat it with polyurethane. The family starting the restaurant is working very hard to get everything just right for the grand opening on November 26th. I'm enjoying getting to know them. When the mural is completed, I have one portrait waiting for its finishing touches and another that came in today. Life is good.


Sally said...

Wow Susan! You are a busy busy girl! The mural looks spectacular so far...cant wait to see it completed. Congrats on your portrait studio shop. Sounds fab, take lots of pictures when you're set up...will be interesting to see what you are up to. Good work!

Linda Calvert Jacobson said...

Well, I don't read your blog for a week and look at what happens! This is all sooooo cool. David and I both enjoyed your news and wish you all the best. Hope you and yours have a great Thanksgiving!