Well, ok, I still need to varnish it, and sign it. But I say it's done. I had lots of input from the family who commissioned it, so they must be feeling some authorship of it, as well. I'm looking forward to the opening. Bellacino's is at 6044 FM 3009, Suite 290, Schertz, TX. It's at the corner of 3009 and Four Oaks Lane, just west of I-35. The restaurant is in the elbow of the new shopping center there. It's a "Fast, Casual Italian" restaurant with pizzas and 'grinders' (subs) and a full creamery... fabulous ice creams with all the toppings. The Matthews family has been working hard to create a classy place to have a great lunch or dinner at an attractive price. I hope you'll check it out. They open November 26th- a week from today, the Monday following Thanksgiving.

This image is good for viewing the midground gondola. The next one is better for the foreground one.


Jo Castillo said...

Congratulations! This is super. I'm amazed.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Sharon said...

Cool and wonderful!! Glad your career is leading in all sorts of directions.

Have a good and safe Turkey Day.


Sally said...

Looks good Susan!

Joanna said...

It does look great. I'll try to remember and stop in for a bite (but mostly to check out the mural) the next time I drive to/through San Antonio.

Susan Carlin said...

Sharon! I've lost all my email addresses with my computer woes... can you please send yours again? I tried to connect with you through you blogger ID but you have no blog listed now. What's up with that?

Susan Carlin said...

Joanna, same goes for you.. got an email address to lay on me? I'm feeling a little lost without my Outlook Address book. I follow your ID to a blog that has no provision for comments. Thanks!