Some non-art newsy stuff

Next Saturday Patty and I fly out to Idaho and help Mom and Dad drive their two vans back to Arizona so they can ready their home in Sun City West for sale.
I'm going to try to get a lot of painting done before I go. I have a commissioned oil of a dad and his two grown daughters to do by September 30th, and I'd like to have a good start on it by next Saturday. If you're reading this, I'd love it if you left a comment so I know someone's out there!


solopoesie said...

And state a pleasure for me to visit yours blog. the poetries have been of your gradimento?
rigurdo the photo that is sended in the comments, is not still able to make it, but I have an other bòg where I have postato all the photos of my family. hour I try if I succeed to us to send it to you. With regard to yours written and a lot interesting the one which you write and deserves much attention, as soon as I can I read tuttoquello that you have written and then I will say my thought to you. six one wonderful and intelligent person. happy for having to you known… Lina

semplicmente lina said...

Susan this and the new one blog where I have postato the photos of my family ..... appeals to to You? '' Hello

Sally said...

hello Susan! just checking in on your blog again, seems you are busy as ever...good luck on the commission of the father and daughters. I think you've got a big challenge there with the wedding party but you seem to be handling it in stride well.