Alamo painting, "Remember"

I was asked by the Daughters of the Republic of Texas to donate a painting to be used for their Gala this October. It will be on their invitations, the cover of the program, made into posters and notecards and the original will be auctioned during the Gala. The painting was my attempt to represent the Alamo dramatically, and to honor two of the women who were instrumental in acquiring the Alamo for the DRT- Clara Driscoll and Adina DeZavala. I found photos of them on the DRT website and then not only put them together but painted them from behind, gazing on the Alamo. There's an anonymous cowboy and his horse painted unobtrusively in the lower (viewer's) left corner in order to acknowledge the men who've aided them, as well.

The portrait is a pastel sketch of Amanda, a wonderful girl my wonderful nephew Jake has the good fortune to call his girlfriend. Amanda spent her summer in San Antonio and attended my portrait workshop in July at the Coppini and also came to my pastel class on Tuesdays a few times.

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johnnie said...

What a great sketch of Amanda!