I'm back! No, really. Honest.

I think we've survived the move and have whittled the resulting tower of boxes down to what fits in the guest room. Ok, so the hallway is lined with frames and canvases, too. But the point is that I'm painting again. I've only managed to complete a couple of commissions in what seems like a very long time.
My friends Donna Good and Mary Shepard came to paint all day with me in the new studio Wednesday. I got to work on a large figural painting and it felt wonderful. I have one commission painting to do this month so far, but am holding my breath to hear about another I'd love to get.
Mary Shepard came back yesterday and we went through the process of listing her first painting on eBay. A lot has changed in the year and a half since I was selling paintings on eBay, so I learned as much as I taught. I'd like to start listing paintings, myself, within a week or so.
I'm still teaching the Tuesday classes at Coppini Academy, but am also considering adding a Wednesday night class here in the home studio. A very small class, of course. Three students. Four if they're super friendly.
I'll post some photos of starts I've made since my last post. The pastel starts are ones I did in class as demos and which I'll finish up sometime. If you're reading this, please post a comment so I know someone's out there, ok?


Jo Castillo said...

Hi Susan, Well, I for one am glad you are back posting. Don't know how you have time.

All your new stuff is colorful and wonderful.

Hi to all,

Debra Bryant said...

I'm out here! lol