I'm back! New painting to share...

Golly! I haven't posted anything for over a month. My apologies to my sweet friends who've been gently poking me to post something.
I've been busy with a thousand things, most of them art related, some garden, some patients, some family, but mostly I got to have my mother here in San Antonio with me for two and a half weeks while my Dad and brother were in Africa.
I promise to be more present now.
This painting above is going to be the example for a donated portrait I'm offering to the highest bidder on KLRN's Blazing Gavels on air auction. It's our local PBS station.
I have two small commissioned portraits to do now and will post them soon. Going out to Fredericksburg to see the Oil Painters of America show tomorrow. I'm sure I'll come back all juiced up and rarin' to paint!


Jo Castillo said...

Susan, so nice to see you back paintin'. Nice to have your Mom visit, too. Missed reading along and seeing your nice work. This one is very touching.
Since you have nothing else to do. You have been blogged/tagged. Hope you can tag along. The rules are on my blog today.my blog

See ya,

Sally said...

Hi Susan,
I love this sweet portrait. You do such a good job on children...nice to see you back posting.

Ruby said...

I just found this site. What wonderful art! I have just discovered pastel and I absolutely love it! I have not seen very many pastel artists in San Antonio or classes for that matter. It's good to know there are pastel artists is our city. If you know of any classes or are planning on teaching a class please let me know. Beautiful work!