Wonderful Award at San Antonio Art League yesterday

A couple of weeks ago I got the little self-addressed postcard with the Award line topped with a "yes." Ooooohh.... That could be anything. I'd entered "Morning Flight." So I had two weeks to wonder. Yesterday Karen joined me at the reception and we picked up the exhibit catalog at the guest sign-in table on the front verandah of the marvelous King William house that has been been converted to the beautiful museum and gallery that it is today. I got third place! Well, it's officially called the Ethel T. Drought Memorial Award. $500. I'll have to find out who Ethel was, for sure.
The reception was just great... refreshments upstairs on a wide verandah overlooking the beautiful gardens, then the awards presentation in the main gallery downstairs. I got to meet a few new artists and enjoy their work on display. On the way out I crossed paths with Sara Eyestone- such a delight she is.
Can you believe I forgot my camera??! Gary Walston, husband of the second place winner, Dona LeCrone Walston, had his digital camera with him and took some shots of me and sent them by email, so I'll post this one. Thanks, Gary!


Linda Calvert Jacobson said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! That's just wonderful!

Karen said...

I'm always proud of you, Susan!

Susan Carlin said...

Thank you, Linda and Karen!

Sally said...

Hi Susan,
Congrats on the award! So lovely to be acknowledged for all your hard work.
We have a juried arts salon in Kingston next month, and i have entered 3 paintings, but will see which ones(if any) will be selected!..it is always a wonder as different juries each year look for different things.
Have also sent 2 portraits for selection in the Portrait society of Canada show. Fingers crossed.

Jo Castillo said...

Hey, Congratulations! I missed this post somehow. We are all proud of you. That painting is great as are all of yours.

Missed you at APS tonight. Not many there.


Jana Bouc said...

I love your paintings and the interesting quirky subjects (people waiting for a plane, the wedding party not posed). I'm so excited to find your blog. Thanks for commenting on mine which led me to it. I'm subscribing today.