One Hour Oil Portraits- Yesterday at the Coppini Academy

Whew! I painted seven oil portraits yesterday back to back. Was my shoulder sore? Heck, yeah! But I had such a good time. Not sure I'll do it again, as I wanted to continue working on every painting to a much more "finished" state, but had to stop wherever I was at the end of the hour. I had planned to do eight... but the last one was to be my daughter, and, you guessed it! I begged to be let off for good behavior, but promised I'd do one for her soon.
This was an excellent learning experience, and it readjusts my thinking about a program I'm developing for businesses and clubs and organizations. I'd thought I would paint an oil portrait while speaking about creativity, but now I think it's too much to try to fully accomplish in an hour's program. I'd wouldn't want to leave a painting in such an incomplete state. Hey! Maybe that would be ok after all... Maybe take photos of the subject with the understanding that I would continue the painting in my studio and deliver it finished later. Let me think that over.
Well, thought I'd post these so you'd know how I spent my Saturday. Thanks in advance for your comments. They mean so much to me.


Jo Castillo said...

Wow! Those are nice portraits. Why so many? Practice? Contest? to fill your day?

Good to see you hard at work.


Susan Borgas said...

Golly Susan you make me feel guilty as I can never achieve that much work in one day. Your portraits are wonderful and can see you understand what you do. Maybe when I grow up my speed will pick up as well... ;)

Linda Calvert Jacobson said...

Always love to see your work! Thanks for sharing!

H Malott said...

Hi Susan, just happened across your blog through another artist. Your work is wonderful. I will have to visit again. Cheers, Heidi