Big Mom News

We knew she was better than we'd been given to expect Mom could be. But today at her appt. with the cardiologist the miracle was confirmed. She's back to normal. They can't explain it. He said that when she was in the hospital and they measured her heart's ability to expel the blood, her "ejection fraction" was less than 10%. Normal is between 50 and 75%. We were getting the results of the echocardiogram taken over two weeks ago and already it was 50% then, so he thinks it's likely even better now. No more oxygen. No meds. No doctors. She's good to go.
We're celebrating, as you can imagine. Thank you to all who added their thoughts to those which changed her fate.


Sharon said...

That's great, Susan...tough stock for your gene pool!

Susan Carlin said...

Thanks, Sharon. I sure hope you're right. I'd like to be around a long, long time. Earth is a pretty good place it seems to me.
Hope all's well with you!

brendy said...

That is so great Susan. I've been in Colorado the past week with my folks. My dad have to have open heart surgery with 5 bypasses. He didn't have a heart attack - they caught it in time. Hope he makes as good as a return as your mom. He is doing really well.

Susan Carlin said...

Hi Brendy! I'm not sure when you left this note, but I'm hoping your father recovers quickly and completely. Welcome home! Susan