Three awards, one day. Wow!

Yesterday I had to decide between two receptions, both of which were at shows where I had paintings: Austin Pastel Society and the San Antonio Art League and Museum. I decided to go to the Austin Pastel Society one because I love these people. It's the first art group I ever joined. They've been so encouraging and fun and have helped birth my more public artist self. I arrived to find that my highest aspiration, art-wise, had been achieved: Best of Show. Omigosh. Trust me when I say what a thrill that is. It was for my painting, "Morning Flight," the 24"x18" pastel of 18 people waiting at a Southwest Airlines gate for their plane to arrive. I also got First Place for Still Life for my 20"x16" pastel of Libby Peters' living room called, "Her Grandmother's Chair." The award would've been great in name only, but came with lots of prizes. A 150 stick set of Rembrandt pastels in a two tray wooden box. A pricey little item. Plus lots of neat papers and another 30 stick set in a wooden box. Scrumptious. I'm considering listing the sets on eBay, since I'm pretty well set on pastels until the next millenium. We'll see.
On the way home I called the San Antonio Art League and found I'd won a Sponsor's Award for $500. That had me doing a little behind-the-wheel happy dance, let me tell you. That painting is called "Caldo," and is a 24"x18" pastel.
I also called Mom and Dad on the way home and told them of my news. I'm so grateful to be able to do that.
Now it's back to work on these commissions. I've stewed long enough. Life is wonderful, as Jason Mraz's new song so beautifully asserts.


Linda Calvert Jacobson said...

How positively exciting!!!! Congratulations. My heart did a little happy dance for YOU as I read this blog entry. Let me know if you list the pastels on e-bay...I may bid on them! Best, best, best wishes to you! E-mail me sometime.

Susan Carlin said...

Hi Linda! Thanks, Hon. I'll write more email-style. Susan

Pam said...

Congratulations! May these three awards be the beginning of an especially successful cycle.

Ali said...

Beautiful work, most deserving of awards. I especially like the airport scene. Thanks for visiting my journal!