FACET show in Austin

The Austin Pastel Society put out a call for volunteers to staff a booth given to us at this art show in order to demonstrate painting in pastel. I signed up for 12-5 today and had a good time talking with people and working on a portrait of my sister, then later of a fellow I took pictures of a couple of weeks ago at the Coppini. They got a bit smudged on the ride back home since I had to stack them. So tomorrow I'll finish them up and post them and then get back to working on the kids. Toward the end of the day I got to walk around visit several friends' booths and see their new paintings. I'm so glad I finally came out of my artist shell and joined some groups. I've met the nicest people.... MY people. I wonder at my isolation all those years.

Sure have spent a lot of time driving lately. Except for painting in Boerne with Donna and Mary on Tuesday, I should be close to home this week.

I need to pick a weekend this summer in order to offer a two-day workshop to those who've been asking. If anyone has a preference of dates, let me know!

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Linda Calvert Jacobson said...

Thanks for coming by my booth at FACET, Susan! It was great seeing you.