Day 6- Twist Of Fate

Twist Of Fate
24x36 oil on stretched canvas

It was fun to work larger today... but how to fill all that space?  I started with the dark Payne's Grey line swooshed across the middle from left to right, then started lower left and swooshed another palette knife line to upper right.  The rest was just trying to make what I did seem like I had a reason for doing it.   Like explaining something you did without thinking.  The first half of the time I worked only in turquoise and the dark grey. It was clear I needed more color, so brought in the ochre and the white. I used a brush and a thick foam pad that came as packaging in something I bought. And added a skippy kind of line with the palette knife here and there. You're not supposed to have the focal point in the middle, so maybe I blew it. But although the lines converge there, I'm going to reason that nothing holds your eye there, so let's say there's a moving focus. Yeah, that's it. A moving focus. Yeah.

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Barbara Muir said...

Beautiful and so many rules are made to be broken. You are a genius painter, and here is the proof!